After Sales and Service

B-1: Business Visitor After Sales and Service under NAFTA

The B-1 After Sales and Service category under NAFTA allows a Canadian or Mexican citizen to enter the U.S. to perform limited work without requiring a work permit.

General Requirements:

  • Applies to installation, repair and maintenance personnel, and supervisors, possessing specialized knowledge essential to the seller’s contractual obligation
  • Currently valid written warranty or other service contract incidental to the sale of commercial or industrial equipment or machinery, including computer software
  • The equipment, machinery or computer software must have originated outside the U.S. and must be purchased from a foreign entity
  • Temporary trip to the U.S.
  • Residence abroad and “ties” to your home country
  • Source of salary or remuneration must remain with foreign employer/entity

Filing Process:

Mexican citizens must apply for a B-1 Visa Stamp at a U.S. Consulate. Canadian citizens do not require a B-1 visa to enter the U.S. as Canadian citizens are considered “visa exempt.” A Canadian may enter the U.S. as a B-1 visitor using a passport or NEXUS card and presenting himself or herself for inspection and admission. Documentation outlining your eligibility under After Sales and Service should be submitted to the CBP Officer at each entry.


B-1 Business Visitors are usually admitted to the U.S. for 6 months at a time. The length of stay may be shortened due at the discretion of the CBP Officer due to factors such as number of previous entries to the U.S. or the length of the anticipated activity/event.

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