Pre-Testing, ArriveCAN and Border Testing

Everyone is asking me “Jamie, what do I have to do to get into Canada now that the border is open?”  I am now providing the information to the public on what I am providing directly to me clients.

Here is what you need to know and do!!

  • Obtain a COVID Test taken within 72 hours of arrival at the bridge (keep in mind travel and traffic allowance time as no leeway will be given for expired tests)
  • I recommend Brighton Eggert Pharmacy 935 Brighton Road in Tonawanda for proper testing. They have the rapid version of the acceptable test. They are offering “package rates” as well. You can make an appointment by clicking here https://brightoneggertpharmacy.com/
  • Complete the ArriveCAN app with citizenship documentation and vaccination information. This can only be completed 72 hours in advance of the trip. It can be completed in the APP or online at https://arrivecan.cbsa-asfc.cloud-nuage.canada.ca/auth
  • Upload documents and vaccination information and carry originals and copies when crossing.
  • Nexus lanes can be utilized for Nexus active card holders (if renewed online prior to expiration, a expired Nexus card can still be used for up to 2 years after expiration)
  • Any child under age 12 can gain access without quarantine if accompanied by a vaccinated parent. Child will require ArriveCAN and a 72-hour test if over 5 years old.
  • Any child over 12 who chooses not to be vaccinated is subject to quarantine or could be refused entry.
  • Border testing is random. It is recommended to make a switchhealth.ca account so that if chosen, it will speed that process along.

If your situation is unique or more complicated, please feel free to call (716) 810-2121 to schedule your private and personalized consultation directly with me, Jamie Fiegel.

At this time, we are committed to the health and safety of our clients, our staff and our community. The government continues to accept applications and process them as normal. We are equipped to continue to prepare and process all cases. Please keep in mind that most cases take months to process. We want to continue to prepare and process these cases, so that when we do get through this crisis, you will not have lost crucial processing time. We will perform all consultations over the phone and can be best reached through our contact form.